Press Release: Biogents Combines the Most Popular Mosquito Monitoring Traps in One

veröffentlicht am 05. Mär 2020

Regensburg, Germany, March 5, 2020:

Biogents AG, mosquito trap manufacturer, is proud to announce its latest development of a new trap for mosquito monitoring and control: the BG-Pro. Based on a modular concept, it includes Biogents versions of the established EVS (Encephalitis Virus Surveillance) trap and CDC (Centers of Disease Control) light trap, as well as an upgraded version of Biogents’ BG-Sentinel trap. The new product is a recognition of market requests for Biogents to develop other styles of monitoring traps to the same standard as the BG-Sentinel.

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Press release: Catching mosquitoes like a pro: Scientists’ gold standard tiger mosquito trap available for home use.

veröffentlicht am 03. Apr 2019

Regensburg, Germany, April 3, 2019 - Scientists were thrilled when Biogents’ BG-Sentinel came out more than 10 years ago: finally, a mosquito trap that really catches yellow fever and tiger mosquitoes! It took not long, and the trap was the gold standard for mosquito pros in governmental organizations, the military, science, and mosquito control organizations worldwide. The unique design combines optical and physical cues with an artificial skin scent (BG-Sweetscent) to attract mosquitoes. And the trap now has a brother that is also available for home owners in the US: the BG-Mosquitaire is a rugged and good-looking version, designed for the continuous use in the garden and backyard. But do the two traps perform equally? A scientific study, just published in the open access Journal of the American Mosquito Control Association, compared the two trap types in California and Louisiana. The result: both traps are equally efficient.

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