Biogents AG Established a Daughter Company in 2017 in Southeast Asia.

Written by Ingeborg Schleip January 15th, 2018

Mid 2017 Biogents AG decided to open a daughter company in Southeast Asia to promote its mosquito traps, and starts bringing the traps to the attention of the Southeast Asian end-consumer market. Biogents SEA is situated in Siem Reap, Cambodia, and is fully licensed and registered with the Cambodian authorities.

Biogents SEA works solely through licensed PCOs (Pest Control Operators) and has already started expanding the network of agents and distributors in the Southeast Asian region at large.
Many contacts were created in a short while with, for the time being, an emphasis on tourism related activities like the hotel- and restaurant sector.
Needless to say that in the Southeast Asian tropical climate one finds a lot of mosquitoes, and so far our traps have seen spectacular catches of up to 60–70.000 mosquitoes over four-day periods.
Sales have started taking off. Not only in the tourism sector but to private households as well.

Contact details:
Mobile: +855 714329954

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