Biogents on Amazon - Mosquitoes fear Amazon Prime Day

Written by Biogents October 6th, 2020


Dear all,

I made a disturbing discovery!

You already know that our neighbors have one of these Biogents BG-Mosquitaire mosquito traps and over there you can hardly find a tiger mosquito anymore. Yesterday I made a short trip to my landlords' house to have a blood meal. And what did I see there?

Biogents sells its mosquito traps on Amazon now! I was so shocked that I got my proboscis tangled up in my landlady's hair - that was quite a job to get it unknotted and ready for use again. I almost died of thirst!

And if that wasn't enough, Amazon Prime Day is also getting ready now. How is this going to end - with Biogents mosquito traps spread all over the world? The end of the mosquito world is near…

My dears, you will understand that I have to leave right now to send a message to the whole mosquito community! I hope you are all on my side and think of me in this difficult time!

See you soon,

Your Marcy Mosquito


P.S.: If you don't believe me, see for yourself:

Biogents on Amazon - Spain

Biogents on Amazon - Italy

Biogents on Amazon - Germany

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