Biogents traps now directly available in the USA!

Written by Andreas Rose May 16th, 2018

Be afraid, be very afraid, tiger mosquitoes: Biogents has a spin-off in the United States, and we are beginning to sell our traps and attractants…


The webshop of Biogents USA is now up and running! And we are offering the BG-Mosquitaire, the EPA-registered BG-Sweetscent and the BG-GAT trap. Get the best traps for the Asian tiger mosquito at!

Biogents USA also has its own dedicated website (, introducing the traps we offer in the US, with background infos on how our products work and why they work so well, with videos, FAQs, information on mosquitoes and their biology, and much more.

And if you are interested in updates, have questions, or want to tell us something – we are on Twitter (@BiogentsUSA) and Facebook (@Biogents.USA), too!





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