Excellent BG-Counter Customer Feedback at AMCA 2018

Written by Biogents March 4th, 2018

The American Mosquito Control Association is the largest organisation of its kind in the world. The annual meetings of the AMCA are important venues for the field, where new developments are introduced and the latest study results are shared. In 2018, the Association met in Kansas City, Missouri.

During the scientific session, users from four different American mosquito control districts show-cased their experiences with the BG-Counter.

Mark Kartzinel presented a talk entiteled “Real-time district-wide mosquito surveillance with the Biogents BG-Counter” (Kartzinel & Cliftin, AMCA 2018: Abstracts, p. 39). The authors work for the Collier County Mosquito  Control District in Florida.

Mario Boisvert gave an oral presentation entiteled “BG-Counter: a very efficient multi-task tool” (Boisvert, Hartle, Sorensen & Buettner, AMCA 2018: Abstracts, p. 45). Mario Boisvert and his colleagues work for the Placer County Mosquito & Vector Control District in California.

Barbara Bayer shared  the Manatee County Mosquito Control District’s  “Field observations from a BG-Counter used with a CDC light trap in Manatee County” (Bayer & Latham, AMCA 2018: Abstracts, p.45).

Ary Faraji talked about “New Technologies and Operational Research at the Salt Lake City Mosquito Abatement District”, including the BG-Counter (Faraji, White, Dewsnup & Sorensen, AMCA 2018: Abstracts, p.40).

To download the abstract book, please click here.

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