Marcy Mosquito wants to Match, Chat and Date!

Written by Raphaela Reiser & Carolin Degener July 3rd, 2019

Hi folks

It's me again - Marcy. Lately I've been thinking a lot about love… Mosquitoes also have spring fever – even in summer! Believe me, it’s absolutely mesmerizing when the guys form a swarm and perform a dance in our honor. We simply can’t resist! Unfortunately, the fun doesn’t last long: after about 15 seconds, they fly off and already look for another girl! That’s pretty frustrating, and I used to drown my sorrow in human blood. In fact, all of my female friends are doing the same. But I'm tired of it - I don’t want to share my man with any of the other ladies and I have come up with a strategy that I think will find a boyfriend that only has eyes for me.

On my last excursion into the world of humans in search of a blood meal, I came across a young woman. Of course, she was totally distracted with her smartphone, like everyone at her age. The young folks today… You would think that with this beautiful summer weather they might want to escape the digital world and enjoy life.

I'm usually not so curious, but I took a look at her screen and checked out what was going on. And imagine, she seemed to be doing the same with men what our males do with us - only digitally. Her fingers swiped left, right, left, right, left, right - at a breathtaking speed. I could hardly follow her - everything happened so fast! But I think she chose who she liked and who was allowed to contact her. She clicked on a star when she saw a particularly handsome man and directly began texting with him.

Biogents Marcy Mosquito Dating App profileWhile I was sitting on her shoulder, I started dreaming about setting up my own profile. I would definitely need a photo that shows off my amazing cuteness. I was already on my way to find a shady spot in order to rest and relax for a bit when I suddenly remembered that I forgot to take a little drink I need to get my mind off all of this romance. Not good at all at these temperatures. I’ll fly back to that young lady. She won’t realize I’m biting her anyway; she almost seems to be hypnotized by her smartphone. Yummy! But now it’s time to fly back to my hiding place.

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Sunny greetings

Your Marcy Mosquito



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