Meet us at the 2021 virtual PAMCA conference!

Written by Biogents September 16th, 2021
The 2021 conference of the Pan-African Mosquito Control Association (PAMCA) virtually takes place from Sept 20 - 22. The theme of the conference is “Empowering local institutions to set the agenda for the elimination of vector-borne diseases.”
Biogents is a sponsor of the meeting and will participate with a virtual booth, where you can get informed about our products:
  • BG-Pro: a versatile trap that can be used in 3 different styles: EVS, CDC & BG-Sentinel. 
  • BG-Counter 2: a high-tech remote monitoring device for mosquitoes
  • BG-CO2 Generator: an upgrade set for the BG-Pro that generates CO2 from yeast-sugar fermentation
  • BG-GAT: is a passive trap for gravid Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus
  • BG-Sentinel: Biogents most reknown trap for researchers
Let the BG-Counter do the work for you: it differentiates mosquitoes from other insects, counts them and wirelessly transmits the results to a cloud server. To get an idea about how the BG-Counter works in detail, click on this link and select "Start BG-Counter Demo". This way you have access to the real-time data of some BG-Counters.

Let our colleagues convince you in a personal meeting! E-meet Jennifer, Astrid (speaks French), Andreas or Max and make an appointment to clarify open questions or exchange ideas!
Also, don't miss the presentations and info posters of our staff:


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