New Subscription Models for BG-Sweetscent & Sticky Cards

Written by Jennifer Hermann May 13th, 2021

With our new subscription models you don't have to remember to buy our BG-Sweetscent attractant to lure the mosquitoes into your trap. You also don't have to remember to buy sticky cards for your BG-GAT trap to catch the mosquitoes which try to escape. This way you can maximize your traps` performances for the whole season.*


Your Advantages:

•    You will have your product available when needed
•    You save 20% on the season packs
•    Your traps’ performance will be kept consistently high
•    Last but not least: your discount is guaranteed for the whole subscription period

Depending on the length of your mosquito season and the number of traps you can choose the subscription model that best suits your needs:

Use our 12-month delivery subscription for shorter mosquito seasons – one season pack delivery every 12 months - this provides 3 packages which will last for a 6-month mosquito season.

Use our 6-month delivery subscription for longer mosquito seasons – one season pack delivery every 6 months – this provides 6 packages which will last for a 12-month mosquito season.

You have multiple traps? – Simply purchase multiple subscriptions!


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* BG-Sweetscent is to be used with the BG-Mosquitaire or other traps that attract host seeking mosquitoes (unlike the BG-GAT trap which attracts egg-laying mosquitoes). This attractant makes our traps highly specific and attractive for Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) and yellow fever mosquitoes (Aedes aegypti). It targets host seeking female mosquitoes and therefore saves you from biting. 

The BG-GAT in contrast attracts tiger mosquitoes (Asian tiger mosquitoes and yellow fever mosquitoes) searching for a breeding site. After they get caught in the BG-GAT trap, they try to escape via the transparent part of the trap and get stuck on the sticky card while trying to escape.

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