Press Release: Biogents Enters Strong Partnership with SBM Life Science to Further Expand New Markets Across all of Europe

Written by Ingeborg Schleip December 8th, 2021


  • The French family company SBM's subsidiary SBM Life Science, which is present in 31 countries in the field of innovative and responsible solutions and services for plants, gardens, and living environments, will be Biogents new partner from January 2022 onwards
  • With an exclusive retail sales agreement covering all of Europe, Biogents will also further open up the Scandinavian region as well as other markets and digital marketplaces
  • SPG will continue to manage the distribution of Biogents solutions in France


Regensburg, Germany, December 08, 2021 - Biogents, an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito trap development and mosquito research, and SBM Life Science, one of the global leaders in the Home and Garden sector, have signed an exclusive retail sales agreement covering all of Europe

This collaboration can be seen as another major milestone in Biogents growth and continues the success story of the last few years. The partnership with SBM offers the opportunity to accelerate growth in the EU retail business through an established, successful distribution partner with an extensive European network.

With SBM having recently acquired SPG (Biogents distributor in France) this deal is a natural extension of that relationship and offers the opportunity to replicate the success of the French market across the whole of Europe.

The agreement allows Biogents to focus on its core competencies of R&D, innovation, and product development to deliver the next generation of products for both the retail and professional markets. It also provides a basis for continued expansion in the professional market and further geographic areas.

Biogents and SBM Life Science

Left to right: Hugo Plan (SBM Life Science), Matthieu Schmidt (SBM Life Science), Dr. Martin Geier (Biogents), Alexandre Simmler (SBM Life Science), Dr. Andreas Rose (Biogents)

“After working successfully with SPG in the French market over the last few years, we are delighted to continue our relationship and the development of a much larger market throughout the EU with SBM. We believe this cooperation will deliver Biogents’ products to a broader customer base faster than would otherwise have been possible”, explained Martin Geier, Managing Director of Biogents AG.

Alexandre Simmler, Managing Director of SBM Life Science, stated, “Biogents was created in 2002 by two visionaries who wanted to make a positive change in the world. At SBM, we share that same vision and are thrilled to offer Biogents’ products to a wider audience in Europe. That includes our retailers, whose market is growing, and our consumers, whose demands are constantly increasing”.


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Ingeborg Schleip
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About Biogents AG

Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research and focuses on the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps. Biogents traps are the latest innovation in traps for mosquito control and incorporate patented technology. The range of anti-mosquito products is insecticide-free and mimics human odor with a patented lure which attracts mosquitoes naturally. For more than 15 years, Biogents mosquito traps have been used by researchers, organizations, cities, and end users worldwide. Among our customers are the US, German and French military, numerous mosquito control districts and public health organizations worldwide, including WHO and CDC. There are over 400 publications either using the traps or evaluating the effectiveness of the traps. They have proven effective outdoors and indoors. By now, Biogents traps are sold in more than 100 countries.

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About SBM Life Science

SBM Life Science is the Home & Garden subsidiary of SBM Company. With 450 employees over 22 sites worldwide, the subsidiary represents €270M in turnover. SBM Life Science places its expertise at the service of its customers and consumers through innovative and responsible solutions and services for their plants, gardens, and living environments. It offers a complete range of products, including plant protection, soil and lawn seeds, plant food, as well as pest and mosquito control products to meet consumers’ needs: to Nourish, Beautify, Maintain, and Defend.

SBM Life Science has deployed several flagship brands in Europe: Protect Home®, Protect Garden® and Solabiol®, a pioneer in natural products in France since 2001. Other high-performing local brands complete the company’s offer in each European country, such as NutriOne®, Phostrogen® and Stroller®. In the United States, SBM Life Science Corp. is a key player in innovation in the Lawn and Garden market and stands with leading brands such as BioAdvanced® and Natria®, one of the leading brands in organic products.

SBM Life Science is part of SBM Company.

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