Press Release: Biogents Launches the BG-Protector for Professional Mosquito Control

Written by Jennifer Hermann April 29th, 2021


  • Highly efficient reduction of the mosquito population
  • Reduction of service costs due to low maintenance and high sustainability
  • Prevention of resistance & environmental friendliness - spares beneficial insects and does not harm humans and animals

Regensburg, Germany, April 29, 2021 - Biogents is pleased to announce the launch of its latest mosquito trap which is specifically designed for professionals and pest control organizations: the new BG-Protector.

Designed to utilize Biogents proven and patented trap and attractant lure technology, the trap offers many benefits for professional use and is a useful tool for controlling mosquitoes in addition to conventional treatments or as a stand-alone alternative.


The BG-Protector with its robust framework for outdoor use runs 24/7, resulting in a continuous and permanent reduction of the mosquito population. Therefore, spraying frequencies can be reduced. Less frequent use of spraying and customer visits mean lower costs.

Over reliance on spraying can result in the build of resistance within the insect population and cause reduced effectiveness of the treatments. Biogents mosquito traps can be used to control mosquitoes in a more specific, efficient, and long-term way, as there is no chemical, there can be no resistance build up.

As an additional important benefit, Biogents mosquito traps spare beneficial insects and are harmless for humans and pets because they do not use toxic chemicals.

Our newly developed trap actively addresses current challenges in pest control: Not only a shifting mindset of today`s society regarding eco-friendly solutions but also ever-increasing cost pressure is a concern for many professional mosquito control companies. The use of Biogents’ mosquito trap BG-Protector as an addition or alternative to conventional methods can have many benefits in this regard.

The BG-Protector is the latest in the Biogents trapping products for professionals and complements the existing range of products.


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Ingeborg Schleip
Dipl. Biol. Head of Marketing

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Biogents AG is an innovative company on the forefront of mosquito control research and focuses on the development and production of highly efficient mosquito traps. Biogents traps are the latest innovation in traps for mosquito control and incorporate patented technology. For more than 15 years, Biogents mosquito traps have been used by researchers, organizations, cities, and end users worldwide. Among our customers are the US, German and French military, numerous mosquito control districts and public health organizations worldwide, including WHO and CDC. There are over 400 publications either using the traps or evaluating the effectiveness of the traps. By now, Biogents traps are sold in more than 100 countries.

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