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The mosquito control and monitoring world is changing: Smart traps are here!

published on 19. Jun 2019

Smart Traps: An Introduction

Nowadays, the word “smart” before any product is no longer foreign terminology. There are smart phones, smart watches, smart TVs, smart homes, smart cities – just about anything you can think of can be “smart”, but what exactly are smart traps? A rough definition could be a trap containing some sort of electronic device with magical software that collects and evaluates data and then transfers this data to a place where it can be easily accessed with another “smart” device, but don’t quote us on that. The first smart traps to be commercialized were most likely in the rodent control field with smart rat traps currently being a hot product in the pest control industry. Smart insect traps have also been popping up over the last several years, especially in the agriculture industry, but smart mosquito traps are something new.

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Team Effort is Needed in the Fight Against Mosquitoes

published on 12. Apr 2019

Is Mosquito Control a Governmental or Public Responsibility?

Neighbors helping neighbors control public mosquito problems? Isn’t that the responsibility of governmental and public health authorities? Isn’t that a part of what we are paying them for? Well, if you ask any public health authority, they will most likely tell you that the ultimate responsibility of urban mosquito control lies with the private individual themselves or the property owner in eliminating and preventing mosquito breeding in the first place. On the other hand, eliminating breeding sites on properties alone is not going to solve any public mosquito problem. While the US has developed one of the most comprehensive and effective mosquito control industries in the world, National Geographic has described it as, “… [being] conducted by a crazy quilt of local districts that are dependent on cities and counties for funding and personnel” and “… [an] unorganized patchwork that could leave the United States vulnerable to rapidly expanding epidemics.”

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