Meet us at the 2024 AMCA meeting in Dallas!

published on 26. Feb 2024

We're looking forward to meeting you at the 90th annual meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) in Dallas, Texas!

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published on 14. Feb 2024


Paris, 12 de febrero de 2024– Biogents, pionero en el desarrollo de trampas innovadoras para mosquitos, científicamente probadas y sostenibles, anuncia su asociación exclusiva como proveedor oficial del Tour de Francia.

Biogents desplegará un enfoque educativo y científico integral para apoyar la promoción de sus soluciones a través de sus distribuidores exclusivos en el mercado de consumo, SBM Life Science en Europa y SPG en Francia, pero también con las autoridades locales y los profesionales: hoteles, restaurantes, etc. En particular, Biogents protegerá los Fan Parks de las ciudades de salida y llegada de Florencia y Niza, dando a los espectadores la oportunidad de vivir estos momentos clave del Tour de Francia sin las molestias inherentes a los mosquitos tigre.

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published on 14. Feb 2024


Parigi, 12 febbraio 2024 – Biogents, pioniere nello sviluppo di trappole per zanzare innovative, scientificamente provate e sostenibili, annuncia la sua partnership esclusiva come fornitore ufficiale del Tour de France. 
Biogents adotterà un approccio educativo e scientifico per sostenere la promozione delle sue soluzioni attraverso i suoi distributori esclusivi sul mercato consumer, SBM Life Science in Europa e SPG in Francia, ma anche con le autorità locali e i professionisti: hotel, ristoranti, ecc. In particolare, Biogents proteggerà i Fan Park delle città di partenza e arrivo di Firenze e Nizza, dando agli spettatori la possibilità di vivere questi momenti chiave del Tour de France senza gli inconvenienti legati alle zanzare tigre.

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Biogents signs an exclusive partnership with the Tour de France and becomes an "Official Protector"

published on 09. Feb 2024


Paris, February 12 2024 – Biogents, a pioneer in the development of innovative, scientifically-proven and sustainable mosquito traps, announces its exclusive partnership as an official supplier to the Tour de France. 
Biogents will deploy a comprehensive educational and scientific approach, to support the promotion of its solutions via its exclusive distributors on the consumer market, SBM Life Science in Europe and SPG in France, but also with local authorities and professionals: hotels, restaurants... In particular, Biogents will protect the Fan Parks in the start and finish towns of Florence and Nice, offering spectators the opportunity to experience these key moments of the Tour de France without the inconvenience inherent in tiger mosquitoes.

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Meet us at the 2023 AMCA meeting in Reno!

published on 21. Feb 2023

We're looking forward to meeting you at the 89th annual meeting of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA) in Reno, Nevada!

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It’s time for a change in Aedes aegypti surveillance!

published on 31. Jan 2023

This article was originally written for LATAM Plagas, a Latin American magazine about urban plagues. Click here to access the original article (in Spanish; publication date: July 2022).

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My Job is testing anti-mosquito products – let me tell you what works and what doesn’t!

published on 27. Jun 2022

It's dark, warm, and humid, and it’s buzzing everywhere. It is this unpleasant sound that drives you crazy during warm summer nights. It’s mosquitoes, thousands of them! The nightmare of many people. 

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How can I identify tiger mosquitoes and what can I do against them?

published on 30. May 2022

What do tiger mosquitoes look like?

Asian tiger mosquitoes (Aedes albopictus) are relatively small and have a black body with clearly visible white stripes (Figure 1 A, B, C).

But be careful, not every dark mosquito with stripes is a tiger mosquito! In Central Europe, for example, the banded mosquito (Culiseta annulata) is present in very many residential areas. It is dark brown and has conspicuously striped legs and abdomen, and there are spots on its wings (Figure 1 D). The Asian tiger mosquito is not dark but distinctly black in color, with a silvery-white line running down the middle of the head and thorax. Furthermore, the tiger mosquito is smaller than the banded mosquito.

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Press Release: Biogents Enters Strong Partnership with SBM Life Science to Further Expand New Markets Across all of Europe

published on 08. Dec 2021

  • The French family company SBM's subsidiary SBM Life Science, which is present in 31 countries in the field of innovative and responsible solutions and services for plants, gardens, and living environments, will be Biogents new partner from January 2022 onwards
  • With an exclusive retail sales agreement covering all of Europe, Biogents will also further open up the Scandinavian region as well as other markets and digital marketplaces
  • SPG will continue to manage the distribution of Biogents solutions in France
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Meet us at the EMCA in Vienna!

published on 28. Sep 2021

The 10th international Conference of the European Mosquito Control Association (EMCA) takes place in Vienna, Austria, from Oct 3-7, 2021. As one of the few opportunities this year even in person and not just virtually.

Biogents is a sponsor of this event. Our colleagues Silke and Max are looking forward to meeting you in person at our booth. Come by to chat with us, have a look at our products, and get informed about our latest developments!

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