Don't Light the Night!

Written by Raphaela Reiser March 21st, 2020

Earth Hour 2020 - for a living planet

Hello from Marcy Mosquito, I hope you had a chance to read my last blog post and that you have done something for species protection in the last two weeks.

The family who own the property I live on doesn’t have a BG-Mosquitaire COlike our neighbors, but they have one of those UV light things. I am really disappointed how little they know about us tiger mosquitoes. The bugs they catch with their UV-light trap are basically moths, some flies, beetles and those amazingly beautiful fireflies – all night-active insects! We tiger mosquitoes rest during the night and so the light doesn’t attract us at all! These people should definitively care a bit more about species protection! UV-light traps are not suited for outdoor use!!!

In a few days we will celebrate Earth Hour 2020. Have you heard about it yet? It's a great initiative. If many people participate, we can make a BIG difference with very LITTLE effort: On 28 March 2020 at 8:30 pm we will all switch the lights off for one hour. Together, we will send a silent signal - for a living planet, for climate protection, for OUR planet. Have a look at and get important information about this great initiative!

Let us know if you would like to join us and set a good example on March 28, 8:30 pm! 

And don't forget: Sharing is Caring!

Dark greetings from

Marcy Mosquito

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