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Marcy Mosquito's Adventures – The BBQ

published on 31. Jul 2019

It’s summer and there is one thing that people all over the world love to do - BBQs. No matter if they are young or old, everyone looks forward to the evening barbecue buffet. For me, this is also a very special time of the year. When the days are long and you like to sit with friends and family in your backyards and enjoy the last rays of sunshine in the evening, I can enjoy splendid blood meal hunting sessions – your blood is just delicious!

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Be aware, Tiger Mosquitoes, if you come to the Philly Home and Garden Show or the New Jersey Home Show!

published on 12. Feb 2019

Hi folks, It’s me again – Marcy Mosquito and this time I would like to tell you about some upcoming events in the USA. There will be two Home and Garden Shows with over 200 exhibitors, one in Philadelphia, and one in New Jersey. That’s a great opportunity for home and garden enthusiasts who are looking for some inspiration and up for a nice little weekend excursion!

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Marcy Mosquito celebrates Christmas

published on 22. Dec 2018

Hi, Friends,
I'm Marcy Mosquito, an Asian Tiger Mosquito, or Aedes albopictus, if you want to get all formal. Actually, I'm very pretty to look at. I'm black and have a lot of white stripes like a zebra as well as a long white stripe that starts on my head and runs all the way down my back. But don't call me a zebra mosquito, though; instead, I insist on being called a tiger mosquito. After all, I am also strong and can transmit many dangerous diseases like dengue.

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