Marcy in love

Written by Raphaela Reiser February 12th, 2020

Hello again – Marcy is back! I just have to tell you about my last dates. Thanks to the swiping left or right app, I’ve already had two dates – both with the same guy! His name is Marco and I’m head over heels in love.

On the first date, we looked for a shady, windless spot. You know, you don't want to be disturbed in order to fully concentrate on your counterpart. We had many good topics to talk about and so we met again only a few days later. Same place, same time. As it turned out, it was the perfect spot with a great view of the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 in our neighbors’ garden. I told him everything I know about this machine which seems to have come straight from hell. After all, knowledge is sexy! We followed the hustle and bustle around the suction trap a little and decided that we would have to protect our offspring from it at all costs, even if the smell is so tempting. The time with my date was flying by way too fast and soon it was time to fly to our sleeping places - each to his own of course.

Biogents tigermosquito Marcy is in love

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and guess who asked me to fly out for a drink with him? - Right, it's Marco. Tomorrow in the early evening hours, exactly when I am usually super hungry, we want to find a human couple who are in a wonderful flirting mood and won't even notice that they are my personal highlight besides Marco! It is so sweet of him that he accompanies me to a blood meal. Of course, I myself have also thought of something nice for him. After all, Valentine's Day should also fill him with love. I have an insider tip on a hidden flowerbed. I’ve heard it has the best juice around.

But now I have to fly to get some rest in the bushes. I don't want to have circles under my eyes on our special day!

Stay flirty – Your Marcy Mosquito

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