Visit us at the AMCA 85th annual meeting

Written by Poojitha Chettupalli February 15th, 2019
Biogents is exhibiting at the 85th AMCA annual meeting. We would be glad to have you there while we introduce our new BG-MTS trap.

Be aware, Tiger Mosquitoes, if you come to the Philly Home and Garden Show or the New Jersey Home Show!

Written by Raphaela Reiser February 12th, 2019
Hi folks, It’s me again – Marcy Mosquito and this time I would like to tell you about some upcoming events in the USA. There will be two Home and Garden Shows with over 200 exhibitors, one in Philadelphia, and one in New Jersey. That’s a great...

Visit us at the Philly Home and Garden Show and the New Jersey Home show!

Written by Carolin Degener January 23rd, 2019
Learn more about our eco-friendly and scientifically-proven mosquito traps and we are happy to answer all of your questions.

Marcy Mosquito celebrates Christmas

Written by Raphaela Reiser December 22nd, 2018
Hi, Friends, I'm Marcy Mosquito, an Asian Tiger Mosquito, or Aedes albopictus, if you want to get all formal. Actually, I'm very pretty to look at. I'm black and have a lot of white stripes like a zebra as well as a long white stripe that starts on...

Biogents at the upcoming Pestworld 2018 in Florida

Written by Ingeborg Schleip October 18th, 2018
Biogents will present its eco-friendly mosquito traps at the Pestworld in Florida from October 23-26.

Paparazzi and a Mosquito Borne Disease

Written by Johan Knols September 25th, 2018
Paparazzi unknowingly created more awareness about zika If you are like me, then you almost never read any ‘news’ that comes out of the pen of a paparazzo. Paparazzi are often referred to as cockroaches, rats and people who will go to great lengths...

Biogents Mosquito Trap Vs. Fumigation: A Financial Comparison

Written by Johan Knols September 19th, 2018
Is fumigation cheaper than a Biogents Mosquito trap? We often hear from our customers “your traps are expensive”. In many countries in the Asia-Pacific region, most having price-driven economies, this first reaction is understandable. However, this...

Buying a Mosquito Trap: 5 Important Questions to Ask

Written by Johan Knols August 16th, 2018
scientific proof

Mosquito Gadgets eat your Money and are Potentially Dangerous

Written by Johan Knols August 1st, 2018
Mosquito Gadgets

The new intake funnel lid makes mosquito escapes impossible.

Written by Johan Knols July 17th, 2018